Saturday, March 5, 2011

Free Downloads (Mp3's & such)

It's finished, Download Below!
Release Date: March 25th, 2011, 5:18pm
I've reached 150+ Downloads!

DJ Shelter - Dance & Chill For 2011!
Here is the release! Some free tracks for promotional use.
Download these Hot Tunes. Jam them at house parties, or you DJ's
Thump them at your clubs you play at!
I will be giving out some CD's locally,
or Mp3 downloads here....
Download Mp3 2011 Promo
(For portable devices)

Mirror1 Download

Mirror2 Download

Mirror3 Download

Mirror4 Download

Mirror5 Download

A collection of Remixes by DJ Shelter,
of popular industry songs.

# 1. DJ Shelter   - Intro                                          (Radio Bumper)
# 2. DJ Shelter   - Push It         (Jessie & The ToyBoys RMX)
# 3. DJ Shelter  - Stadium Love                                (Metric RMX)
# 4. DJ Shelter   - Fishbowl                           (Nappy Roots RMX)
# 5. DJ Shelter   - Little White Doves               (Dirty Vegas RMX)
# 6. DJ Shelter   - That Tree                     (Kid Cudi, Snoop RMX)
# 7. DJ Shelter   - Stage Kids Ft. Louis                                (RMX)
# 8. DJ Shelter   - Murda Ft. The Ave+Mouse                  (Original)
# 15. DJ Shelter - Dance To The Break                            (Original)